Camera Ready Copy

If you want to make updates based on the reviewers’ feedback, please upload a new revision to OpenReview by August 8th.

  1. The page limit is 10 pages (incl. the impact statement) for the main track (i.e., methods and ABCD). For the workshop track, the paper should not be longer than 5 pages.
  2. Use the latex template provided by the conference.
  3. Please use the package option [final] or [workshop] for your final version.
  4. Carefully revise your paper wrt the reviewers’ feedback. Please note that you should not do any major update that was not requested by the reviewers — the paper should be as similar as possible to the reviewed version.
  5. Spell-check your paper.
  6. The appendix should be part of the main PDF.
  7. The broader impact statement and submission checklist are also mandatory for the final version of your paper and should not be removed.
  8. Provide links to your actual (git) repository s.t. other researchers can build upon it. Don’t link to the anonymized repo anymore. (We can not guarantee that your anonymized repo will be available in the future.)
  9. Please note that there will be no further feedback cycle and no future chances to update the paper further. We will collect all papers of the main track (i.e., methods and ABCD) submitted by August 8th and publish them via PMLR as conference proceedings as soon as possible.


All papers accepted to the conference need to be presented as posters. For this, at least one author needs to register to attend the conference (preferably on-site).

  • Format: DIN A0 portrait
    • width x height 84.1cm x 118.9cm
    • width x height 33.1inch x 46.8cm
  • We do not provide any poster printing service on-site; however we expect that Paris has several possibilities to print posters


At the beginning of each poster session, we will have 1-min spotlight talks where authors can briefly present their paper with 1 slide. Please hand in a PDF with one single slide by August 26th via (together with the video, see below)

Video Recordings

We ask authors of accepted papers (for all tracks) to record a short video in summarizing the main findings of the paper. Please send us your video file by August 26th. We will upload them to our conference YouTube channel. Please keep in mind the following constraints:

  • Resolution at least 1080p (Full HD)
  • File format: mp4
  • Send us a link to the video (e.g. your own file server, gdrive, Dropbox or similar services) — Don’t send us links to YouTube or any other video hosting platform
  • Maximum length:
    • Main track (methods and ABCD): 10min
    • Journal track: 10min
    • Workshop track: 5min
  • Please use the following gform to hand in your videos: (together with the 1-slide, see above)