The AutoML 2024 conference ( welcomes submission of content in formats that are nontraditional for academic conferences. This includes but is not limited to:

  • blog posts,
  • videos (in nontraditional formats, that is, not traditional academic talks),
  • podcasts,
  • interactive web experiences,
  • illustrations,
  • software demos, etc.

We are opening a special nontraditional content track for accepting these submissions.

This effort will be non-archival on behalf of AutoML. Instead, we will highlight and link to all accepted content from the conference homepage. Authors of accepted content will be welcomed to present their work at the AutoML conference in September, where they will also be welcome to present in a nontraditional manner if they see fit (see below).

Submissions to this track must be open access via a URL (and not, for example, behind a paywall).

Content submitted to this track should be at most one year old by the time of the conference, so created on or after September 9, 2023.


We welcome submissions on any topic touching upon automating any aspect of machine learning, broadly interpreted. If there is any question about fit, please feel free to contact the program chairs (

We do not expect submitted content to reflect novel algorithmic contributions (although we do encourage such work). Rather, we welcome content that provides the reader with insight into some aspect of the field that might not necessarily be communicated most effectively through traditional research papers. This might include:

  • educational/pedagogical content such as courses on AutoML,
  • user studies,
  • discussion of large-scale deployment / platform design,
  • success stories,
  • calls to arms / challenges,
  • position “papers” (or position blog posts), etc.

We especially welcome content related to reproducibility, such as reproducibility studies or related investigations.

Dissemination and Presentation at the Conference

We will feature all accepted submissions by linking to them from the AutoML 2024 website:

Authors of accepted content may also elect to present their contributions at the AutoML 2024 conference, scheduled for September 09-12, 2024 in Paris, France. The conference’s main objective is to allow for in-depth discussions and networking. Although it is not mandatory for accepted authors to attend the conference in person, we do strongly encourage it.

Authors of accepted content will be allocated a space during the poster session in which they can present their work in any manner they see fit. We encourage creativity in the presentation format if authors would like to present the content in a manner that goes beyond a standard poster presentation, whether it be through interaction, multimedia, or other mechanisms. A standard poster presentation will also of course be possible in the space allocated if the authors prefer.

Non-exhaustive examples of presentation formats authors might consider are:

  • video presentation,
  • live podcast recording,
  • interactive demonstration, etc.

Again we encourage creativity!

Submission Platform

Submission will be via a minimal Google form located here:

Review Process

Submitted content will be subject to review by a small program committee for suitability. Content will primarily be evaluated based on its:

  • interest to the community and
  • quality in content and presentation.

Regarding interest, we are seeking content that in some way provides novel insight into some aspects of AutoML.


We will consider submissions on a rolling basis. On the following dates, we will consider all submitted content that is not yet decided and return a decision to the submitters within two weeks:

  • June 15
  • July 15
  • August 15